Book Cover Trends – Orange(ish)

book cover conspiracyThe Conspiracy Of The Orange(ish) Book Cover Trend

First and foremost I’m a little bit color blind.

Which is interesting when you take into account that I was a graphic designer for a little while.

Maybe that’s why it was such a short lived career.

Now back to the conspiracy.

The orange(ish) book cover.

book cover four hour work weekBook Cover – The 4 Hour Work Week

I was waiting for the second edition of Timothy Ferris’s book the Four Hour Work Week to come out. So when I checked the  release date I saw that they updated the cover. Which is pretty much standard pracitise within the book trade business.

But what I didn’t expect to see was the dramatic and bold splash of color that really made this book stand out from the rest. And when I looked around the business section there was no other book that had a cover similar to it.

Well, not for long.

book cover linchpin

Book Cover – Linchpin

Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin, came out about a month or so later.

The cover really stood out from all the other books in the section. (Aside from Timothy’s of course).

First it’s iconic symbol was really different from the rest of the business books.

And secondly it’s color made it easy to spot from across the store.

book cover little big things

Book Cover – The Little Big Things

When I found out that Tom Peter’s just released a new book I lost my breath.

No really I did.

But when I saw the cover I was like, “Hold up a ‘sec. Now that’s interesting. Haven’t I seen this color before?”

Tom’s book cover was a bright, eye burning orange.

Now all of these books are categorized for the business section. So if you’re a business author take note. But a general take-away from these book covers for authors, book cover designers, and publishers everywhere can be:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Do what you can to catch people’s attention FAST

You don’t have to have an orange(ish) book cover for your book. Look at the other covers in your genre and see if you can spot an accepted theme. But once spotted, do what you can to ensure that your book is practically jumping off the shelves.

Blaze Your Book Sales!


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