What Matters Now

what-matters-nowThe Present Creates The Future

What Matters To You Now?

I remember finding this a little while ago and thinking, “Awesome!”

I just found it again and thought that you’d like to see it as well.

Every year, Time magazine and a couple of their friends put together special issues on what they expect in the coming year. They invite people from their inner circle and tribe to share their views and ideas of the future.

Seth Godin liked the idea so much that he wanted to do something similar and distribute it electronically. So, he asked about 70 thought slingers to write a page for an eBook called What Matters Now.


Thought Slingers You’ll Find Inside:

… and lots more.

The purpose of the book was to show that big thoughts and small actions really do make a difference.

Question For You: What do you think will be important in the coming years?

Blaze Your Book Sales!



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