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Thick Quick & Dirty About IanIan Paul Marshall

  • Wrote my first book, “The Tiny Book of Stuff” at the age of 20
  • Started my first web-design company in 1995.
  • Went crazy in 1996 (Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder-Manic Depression)
  • Became medication free in 2002
  • Wrote a book about it called “Healing Bipolar Disorder” that has inspired and helped people all over the world
  • Was a party promoter in Toronto.
  • Became a certified acupuncturist and hands on healer
  • Initiated by the Dalai Lama in 2004 (Kalachakra)
  • Taught workshops for the Learning Annex
  • Founded the Alliance for An Awakened Humanity
  • Trained the biggest massage and aesthetic departments in Canada at Toronto’s largest day spa
  • Created the World Peace Prayer & Meditation
  • Set to release Your Great Awakening July-August 2010

The Professional About Ian Paul Marshall For PR & Media People

Ian is a…

Thought Slinger. Word Zinger. Fire Bringer. If your looking for a daily dose of inspiration he’s your man. Ian is all about inspiring each and every one of us to greatness. He’s the founder of The Alliance For An Awakened Humanity, creator of the World Peace Prayer & Meditation, and author of the soon to be released book Your Great Awakening.

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Ian has over ten years experience in the health and wellness industry as both a healer and teacher. He has been initiated by the Dali Lama and has studied in James Twyman’s seminary for spiritual peace making. He is a Certified Acupuncturist and Hands On Healer. He has taught workshops for the Learning Annex and has trained the biggest massage and aesthetic departments in Canada at Toronto’s largest day spa.

His studies in Feng Shui helped him to realize and understand the relationship that we all have to the environments we live in. As well, being a Buddhist has enabled him to understand the workings of the mind and it’s role in a persons life and their overall healing journey.

He has come to realize through experience the wisdom of Osho’s saying:

“A butterfly cannot prove to the caterpillar that it can become a butterfly.
That is impossible.
All the butterfly can do is provoke a sense of longing.
That is possible.”

In turn, he stepped away from a promising private practice to study and understand the full needs of the individual. He sought out a plan of action where he could do the most good in the world and empower people to live fully awakened lives.

Ian has overcome many difficulties in life including being diagnosed with Manic Depression/Bi-Polar disorder. His doctors had told him that he would be on mood stabilizers and anti-psychotic medications for the rest of his life. Not taking to heart their hopeless claims he was able to become medication free through a daily regimen of meditation, nutrition, and exercise. Check out how he did it in his inspirational and informative e-book on the Bipolar Disorder Information page.

Ian is thirty-six years young and is a fresh new face within the non-fiction world. He is a new husband and even newer father and is eager to learn, grow and love.

Ian has dedicated his life to using his talents to help people to heal, grow and to inspire them to awaken the dreams that sleep within their hearts.

Interviews & Speaking

Ian is available for interviews and can also be booked to speak to your organization or at an event. Email him for details.

Contact information
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Email: ianpaulmarshall at gmail dot com