Hire Me

Need A Boost, Some Creative Juice, or Some Guidance Along The Way?

Do you need some help?I’m available for hire for the following services.

  • Freelance writing: Articles, Blog posts, Ghostwriting, Proof-Reading
  • Technical Help: Setting up a blog, social networking, and ebook creation, concept and delivery.
  • Consulting/Project Management: Don’t know where to start with your book, or need some help writing it, getting it published or promoted I can help you create and initiate a game plan for that.
  • Speaking/Workshops: I am available for hourly, half day or full day workshops on a number of topics. I can also do teleseminars.
  • Author Platform/Online Marketing: Want to have so much traffic sent to your site that it crashes your servers? Let me teach you how to do it.

“I have watched the rise of the coaching industry
with much interest and a healthy dose of skepticism.
So it was after much soul searching that I took the plunge
and booked myself in to Ian Paul Marshall’s Coaching Program
as a serious case of technical bewilderment.

I chose Ian as as a cyber-counselor:
I have watched the rise and spread of his site,
I have seen the results of his hard work and skills,
but perhaps the most important quality for me
is Ian’s commitment to empowering others.

So, I who have written more words than I care to count
and handed out advice by the bucket,
must now become a learner in a new world,
where Ian has become my guide through the Labyrinth  of the Internet.

I am at the start of a new journey with Ian as my mentor, his advice
has been practical and totally suited to my needs. His competence is
my lifeline. With Ian’s support I hope to enter cyberland with gusto –
so wait a while and you may see a new direction in my work.”

Naomi Ozaniec, Egyptian Wisdom Teacher, and author of several books
including her latest Beat Stress With Meditation published by McGraw-Hill

Please email me: ianpaulmarshall at gmail dot com with your requirements.

I’ve modified the details to foil unscrupulous people who electronically harvest email addresses and phone numbers to add to questionable lists. You’ll need to type in the email address manually – I’m sure you can figure it out.